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New Arrivals - Road Signature Model Cars!

Latest Diecast Cars From Tomica

Mercedes-Benz Miniature Model Cars

AUDI Diecast Model Cars

Volkswagen Miniature Toy cars

Schuco - Exclusively available at Our Store!

Schuco diecast toy cars


Step into a world of timeless elegance and precision craftsmanship with our... 

  • "An awesome place for all diecast enthusiasts. The warm welcome, homely ambience and the huge collection of diecast models across brands are sure to give one an unforgettable experience."

    Partha Sarathi Dutta

  • "Best place to get diecast trucks and cars. I was originally thinking about getting it from abroad but these guys had even better stuff for cheaper. Definitely recommend these guys"

    Noah Choudhary

  • "A must visit place for miniature Car collectors. I went there and got mesmerized with the collection they're having and also bought some to add into my collection. "

    Soham Paul

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Oxford Diecast Toy Cars

Unleash the Beauty and Nostalgia of Classic Cars in Detail!

Oxford Diecast offers the best of Classic Cars in 1/76 Scale. Relish the splendour of Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Bentley and Land Rovers in these miniature models by Oxford.

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Schuco Toy Cars

Experience Precision and Quality with Schuco's Diecast Scale Models!

When it comes to Precision and Accuracy in term of scale models, nothing comes close to Schuco! Check out some of the amazing car models by Schuco in 1/87 Scale!

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  • Oxford

    Oxford Diecast is a leading British Company that supplies diecast vehicles and... 

  • Schuco

    Step into a world of timeless elegance and precision craftsmanship with our... 

  • LEGO

    Welcome to our world of endless creativity and imagination with LEGO toys... 

  • Majorette

    Discover the world of Majorette toy cars with our carefully curated collection.... 

  • Hasbro

    Welcome to our world of Hasbro Action Figures, where imagination knows no... 

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    How Are Toy Cars Made: From Concept To Creation

    Diecast toy cars are created using a technique called die-casting or metal casting. And this process is an effective and efficient way of mass-producing diecast models while also maintaining high consistency and quality.

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  • History Of Lego: From Bricks to Billions

    The history of Lego dates back to the early 1930s when Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen founded the company. Christiansen introduced interlocking plastic bricks in 1949.

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    Diecast Car Models: Size Guide

    I decided to delve into some research on the size and scale of Diecast models and came up with a few illustrations that should be of use to Collectors.

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TinyTown.in Toy Museum

Spread over 750 sq.ft. our tiny museum is taking shape. It features collection of over 2000 scale models of cars, aircraft, militaria, action figures and model trains.

The centre-piece of the museum is a small model railway layout spread over 300 sq.ft.

So, if you're ever in Kolkata, then you can actually visit our TOY MUSEUM.

A Tiny Glimpse into Our Tiny World!