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Oxford Diecast Cars at Amazing New Prices!


Oxford Diecast is a leading British Company that supplies diecast vehicles and... 


Schuco is a German manufacturing company founded in 1912 by Heinrich Müller... 

  • Building Blocks: Tips for Getting the most from them

    Here are some tips I've picked up as I recall my childhood and my toys along with my experience with being around children as an adult.

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  • Diecast Car Models: Size Guide

    I decided to delve into some research on the size and scale of Diecast models and came up with a few illustrations that should be of use to Collectors.

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  • Model Railways: An Introduction

    Model Railroading in India is virtually non-existent. A few of us with the means and access to acquire models from overseas have been able to pursue the hobby and get great joy from those little trains.

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  • Welcome to the World of Slot Cars Racing

    A slot car or slotcar is a powered miniature auto or other vehicle that is guided by a groove or slot in the track on which it runs. A pin or blade extends from the bottom of the car into the slot.

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    Mercedes-Benz 300 SL

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  • Cover Shot

    Ford Mustanf GT

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TinyTown.in Museum

Spread over 750 sq.ft. our tiny museum is taking shape. It features collection of over 2000 scale models of cars, aircraft, militaria, action figures and model trains.

The centre-piece of the museum is a small model railway layout spread over 300 sq.ft.

So, if you're ever in Kolkata, then you can actually visit our Model Railways & Minature Scale Model Musuem too.

A Tiny Glimpse into Our Tiny World