Diecast Car Models: Size Guide

Diecast Car Models: Size Guide

I decided to delve into some research on the size and scale of Diecast models and came up with a few illustrations that should be of use to Collectors.
While most collectors go with what's written on the box of the model manufacturer, a little research on one's own would also clarify the exact scale of the models.

Just going by these illustrations might be a little misleading though. Why? Well I'll try to explain.

Let's take for example two cars, Car No. 1 - Mini Cooper

and Car No. 2 - Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Now in the real world these cars are very different in size, so scaled down to 1:64 Scale they ought to have that variance. The Mini Cooper in 1:64 Scale = 59.70mm (2.35") and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class in 1:64 Scale = 76.92mm (3.03"). Well most toy manufacturers, keep their models in inches and most commonly 3" cars get categorized as 1:64 scale.

For finer Scalemodels one needs to look beyond Toy Brands and seek out companies that cater to the collectors. The moment one goes in for finer details, one has to be ready to shell out the price too as these models are not mass produced the same way that diecast toy cars are.

Anyway I'm sharing some more reference images and illustrations below as guides, but they are only meant as guides. If you're looking for a great Scale Conversion Tool just click here

Personally, I love small diecast models and collect cars in the 1:87-1:64 Scale range as they go well with my Model Railways which are OO Gauge(1:76 Scale) / HO Gauge (1:87 Scale) and military models (Aircraft & Vehicles) which are 1:72 Scale.

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