• Products delivered before time, and are as described. Thank you

    Sayan Ghosh

  • Had been on my wish-list for a while, finally decided to get it. Love it!

    Karthik G

  • The Tomica bulldozer is awesome! It looks great and has a solid build.

    Karthik Kumaran

  • The model is wonderful. It's great that you get scale models made by Schuco. Best wishes for the future.

    Sayandeep Ghosh

  • The delivery was very quick. All items bubble wrapped. Very happy with the service. Would definitely recommend 👍🏼


  • Received Production in one day - package left on the day I ordered

    Gourav Butt

  • Really happy with whatever I have ordered from you so far. Please keep getting more Tomica in future.I have been looking for Tomica Nissan 240Z from long time but could not find one anywhere. If you can get them in your stock , I will be more happier.Thank you

    Rehan Khan Tareen

  • Received both the bikes on perfect condition, well packaged and shipped on time....great buying experience!

    Dr Aadarsh Koratagere

  • I received the cars in good shape as the package was good and safe…

    Gautam Krishna

  • Great product

    Saurabh Kulpe

  • Beautiful model

    Joseph Manoj

  • Got the exact product. Product is just woow. Love majorette and Tiny Town.

    Kannan Sukesan

  • Really I'm so happy

    Cartik Nagarajan

  • Got rare stuff

    Murali Guru

  • Porsche car and trailer truck. A good combo

    Jose George

  • Very fast delivery

    Nikhil Singh

  • got good collection majorette cars

    sreenath pd

  • Looking to buy more

    Harsha B R

  • the products were nice and liked by all thank you

    Sanjay Bhatt

  • Excellent Price and good Quality

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