About Us

By Collectors for Collectors

Only if you're passionate about Toys do you have a place at TinyTown. So you will see the meticulous work put into the Catalog for our online store. We understand that collectors are looking for specific products and the product you see listed will be the product you get. 

Chasing a Dream

This has been in the making for a Decade and finally it's seeing the light of day and so can everyone else.

The Dreamer

"I've been crazy about toy models every since I was a child. Not till a few years ago did I actually go all out in pursuit of my hobby...I go to work late at night building models, making catalogs, photography... I Live by the Mantra of doing what I Love most. Toys aren't just a hobby, they're an integral part of my life." Rohit Leon Nyss

The relentless pursuit of this dream has led to the creation of TinyTown.