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Heinkel Trojan, Roman Blue, 1:76

Oxford Diecast

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Heinkel Trojan, Roman Blue
Oxford Diecast

Product Description
The Heinkel Kabine bubble car was a microcar built by Heinkel for two years between 1956 and 1958, the only car made by Heinkel, featuring a 1-cylinder air-cooled 4-stroke engine. It was an iconic design of its time, comparable to the BMW Isetta in appearance, accessible via a front door hatch, with the engine situated in the rear. Models came in 3- or 4-wheel designs, engine sizes varying from 174cc (using the same engine as their Tourist brand of scooter) to 204cc. The design was licenced to other manufacturers, namely Trojan Cars Ltd. in the UK and Los Cedros S.A. in Argentina, both continuing to produce Kabine design cars right up until the mid 1960s.
1:76 scale means that this is 76 times smaller than the full sized vehicle(s)

Packed: 8.6cm x 5.4cm x 4.6cm ( L x W x H )
Unpacked: 3.5cm x 1.8cm x 1.5cm ( L x W x H ) Excludes shipping carton
The item comes in an Acrylic case and a Paper Sleave
WARNING: Adult Collectible Scale Model Not suitable for children under 14 years.